Someone Like You

January 26, 2017 by Violet Benson

Girl meets boy but it’s no fairytale

From the beginning, it was destined to fail

The boy stole her heart, then tore it in two

Now she’s falling apart, and there’s nothing to do.

Every time he leaves, she falls to the ground

Struggling back up, not making a sound

She depended on his love, to define who she was

But no matter what she did, she was never enough.

She sits on his bed, cries on his lap

Don’t you love me? Please take me back

The answer is no, I thought that you knew

I could never love someone like you

But one day she woke up and looked in the mirror

Blinded by self hate, it couldn’t be clearer

You don’t deserve me or any more of my tears

I finally learned to love myself, after all of these years

If loving me was hard, then loving you was painful

But looking back now, I guess I’m pretty grateful

All your cheating and your lies, I finally outgrew

What I’m trying to say is that, I could never love someone like you.