Are you the bad influence in your group?

January 18, 2017 by Violet Benson

Every friend group has that one person who always takes things too far, whether they’re partying too hard, eating too much, or starting too much drama. If you’re sitting there thinking that your clique doesn’t have that one wild friend, it’s probably because YOU are her. Yup, you. You’re the bad influence! But you’re also fun as fuck.

If this video didn’t make you realize that you’re savage af then the following signs should. Below are 24 signs that you’re probably the bad influence in your squad:

1. You’re always the one quilting your friends into going out.

2. You believe that the best way to comfort someone is by offering them alcohol. This is literally your solution to everything.

3. You claim that you don’t like drama and yet you’re somehow always involved in it. You start shit and then sit back with a big tub of popcorn and watch it all unfold.

4. You’ve convinced your friends to do some super questionable things on more than a few occasions purely for your own entertainment.

5. Your friends have never done something they’ve regretted without you being there.

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6. You are NEVER appointed to be the responsible party or the designated driver because everyone knows better by now.

7. Your go-to catch phrase is “I’ll drink to that!” because you’re literally always on the hunt for any excuse to get drunk.

8. The words “not drinking tonight” don’t exist in your vocabulary and you make sure they don’t exist in your friends’ vocabularies either.

9. You’re somehow a size 0 but you eat enough to feed a family of 5. It’s impossible to be on a diet next to you since your mouth is like a garbage can for fast food.

10. You’re always down to eat, especially after a night out at 3AM, and you always convince your friends to join you because you hate eating alone.

11. A night doesn’t end until everyone is looking for you and sending you texts like “where the fuck are you?”

12. You’re there to offer your best friend more alcohol right after she finishes yacking.

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13. You’ve had several “brilliant plans” while completely blacked out and actually followed through on getting that embarrassing tattoo, a painful piercing, or going home with a stranger.

14. Ever since you came around, your friends have accidentally blacked out every single weekend.

15. You say “fuck it” or “do itttt” at least 5 times during a night out.

16. You always manage to take the most embarrassing pictures and videos of your friends during all the shameful moments they wish had never happened. (Because you got them into those situations.)

17. You can always keep your best friend on her toes because she somehow always loses her shoes after a crazy night out with you.

18. Your gift for getting into trouble is a curse for everyone around you.

19. You never judge your friends for being a hot mess.

20. You’ve been called a lot of things, but never “boring,” because you always know how to have fun.

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21. You can always make your best friend feel better about her bad behavior, even in situations when most normal people would be ashamed by association, because you’re not like most normal people.

22. You’re always there to encourage your best friend’s hoe activities.

23. You’re always down for anything, especially when any of your friends needs to get away from their responsibilities or is going through a breakup.

24. You don’t mind taking the blame for your friends’ bad behavior. You’re used to them using the excuse that it’s “your” fault (because it is), and swearing that they never usually do things like this (because they don’t).

25. Your chill, calm nights with friends always turn into all-night benders somehow. Waking up with one shoe, not knowing what happened last night, throwing up, regret—all the norm for you.