Friendship On Hold

December 8, 2016 by Violet Benson

I’m doing my best to keep it together

But my moods keep on changing just like the weather

I kept reaching out, but was left in the cold

You didn’t care, you put our friendship on hold

Do you know what it feels like to be left in the past?

It’s hard going through life knowing nothing ever lasts

You broke my trust and took our friendship for granted

What once was perfect is now completely slanted

I remember the first time we met at the salon

And now just like those memories, our friendship is gone

I’m so hurt by him, but especially by you

Giving me the cold shoulder, like there’s nothing I could do

This pain that I feel, I wish it would go away

But I still think about you almost every single day

When I think about how you feel, I feel so out of touch

But maybe that’s my problem; maybe I’m thinking too much

I’m so mad at you and it feels like you don’t care

So hung up on your ex, I can’t even compare

I sit here and cry for you not for me

For what you’ve become, I wish you could see.

– F.O.H, Violet Elalia Benson

This poem is dedicated to a girl I once met not too long ago, we became good friends and she taught me almost everything I know. I was too focused on my world while she was in her own, and now we are no longer even in the friend zone. She said some things and I said some things that I now really regret, because I still sit around and think about the first time that we met. I guess I never thought that this is how it would all end, but I hope she knows that if she’s ever sad she’ll always have a friend.

Love you always,