Did I Get Played?

December 7, 2016 by Violet Benson

Dear Daddy Issues,

So let me get to the point. Me and this boy started going out about 3 months ago and we spent an entire month and a half being all cute and going on dates planning on this future stuff together but the only thing that stood between us was distance.

He lived an hour or so away and we made it work for a while but when things got serious and I asked him what was going to happen with us he decided he couldn’t commit to “long” distance.

I didn’t get it because he made me feel like the most amazing girl in the world and we planned all these things to do together over the summer and I know we genuinely really liked each other? I mean we both knew all along distance was an issue.

Did he know the entire time what he wanted and was just using me? I’m so mad because now he’s out and about with all these other girls but said he’s not one of those players? Did I get played? Please help.

Dear Hopeless Romantic,

I don’t think you were played. I think this guy genuinely liked you and that you two were enjoying your time together. From my experience, women tend to think ahead while men tend to enjoy the moment. I don’t think he was thinking long-term at the one-month point, and when you decided to ask him an honest question, he probably realized that things were getting too serious and backed away as a result.

Do not feel bad. In my opinion, it’s better that you asked a tough question rather than let things progress and get more attached only to find out later that you’d wasted your time with him. Try to do your own thing and avoid stalking him on social media even if you have 7 hours to spare. You do you sugar tits!

If it’s meant to be in the future, it will happen (although I recommend moving on). The thing about men is that no matter how great you are if they are not ready for a relationship, you can’t convince them otherwise. So don’t waste your time sending him angry drunken texts at 2AM claiming that your mum was right about him followed by another text of you asking him to come over. Instead, cherish the time that you two had together and be happy that you dodged this bullet early on and can start dating someone who lives nearby instead.


Daddy Issues